Mercedes – Benz living @ Frasers !!!

Imagine yourself as the owner of a global hospitality empire with 148 properties in 49 capitals and financial hubs across Asia, Europe, UAE and Africa. But, what if I say that there is no full stop to your success and your company being such a big shot in the market and one of the companies not fearing Airbnb, is associated with the luxury automobile establishment Mercedes – Benz. This will be like a dream come true for most of you. Whereas, Choe Peng Sum is one man who believes, ‘ When a really big dream shows up, grab it.’ untitledAll this I asked you to dream about is his style of changing the face of the hospitality industry.  

Choe Ping Sum is the Founder & CEO of Frasers Hospitality. The company Is into luxury serviced apartments started in 1998 and has grown from 418 residences in Singapore to more than 23,400 keys worldwide with expected addition of 6,600 rooms by 2019. Coming on to the point when Frasers Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. witnessed a big financial boom when Mercedes – Benz shook hands and came into partnership, this time a bench mark was set. Two absolutely different industries came together and formed Mercedes – Benz Living @ Frasers. The room interiors are specifically designed to give Mercedes experience outside the car. Working in sync with Mercedes’s design team the shape, texture, colour and material of the car was interpreted into a room. From fabric of room’s curtains to Swarovski’s chandelier, every aspect is worked on by detailing to give the sense of high-tech comfort. The central element of the design is an undulating “Black Magic Wall,” an architectural feature as sleek and shiny as an S-Class sedan. That wall is reminiscent of MB’s recent foray into luxury aircraft interiors, though the longer-haul aspects of apartment living bring the design a little more down to earth.

 Lightning echo’s from the head lamps and coffee table seems to be moving at a faster speed. Just to make up to your perfect vacation with your loved one or to motivate you to win, when on a business tour. All you need is a big bundle of dollars in your bag to avail this. Looking into the market of apartment hotels, there is as such no tough competition to Mercedes Living @ Frasers. This collaboration did not only bring together two innovative multinational companies, but also united the two business natures and brand values around the customers.

Featuring defines unique living, dinning and bedroom area with private terrace to spend beautiful evenings. A key design element is the signature S-Class grey-silver leather. This is featured prominently in the elegant sofa in the living area, the headboard above the bed, the integrated bench as well as in the indulgent Shrimp-Chair. The lighting above the bed echoes the headlamps of signature Mercedes-Benz cars, with a custom-designed chandelier made of Swarovski crystals that are also found in the actual headlights of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe.

Anyone can be a winner, but important is to leave back your impression & that is what Mercedes – Benz living @ Frasers is up to. With One property in Singapore and other in London, Frasers Group is all set with the design to launch their third property in UAE. Mr Choe Peng Sum is all there changing the way we look at apartment hotels and getting his name in top 10 entrepreneurs of hospitality industry by Forbes and The Business Times.  

 Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser – Comand_Moment.jpg

Author: theluxurypineapple

An industry professional in the making to set a bench mark in the hospitality industry.

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