What is TajSATS?

TajSATS is a joint venture of Indian Hotels Company Limited ( The Taj Group of Hotels ) and Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS). The company has an experience of 38 years in the air catering services and is amongst the top benchmark for the organisations. TajSATS has facilities equipped with State-of-Art Technology and advanced Kitchen Equipment for efficient and hygienic food production and handling.

But, is TajSATS only into onboard catering amongst the clouds ?

Well, if you are not a part of the organization or the hospitality industry, then you will be dazed to know that TajSATS has services divided into two segments : AIRLINE SERVICES & NON-AIRLINE SERVICES.

AIRLINE SERVICES : Which include 

  • In-flight Catering
  • Laundry
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Chartered Flights
  • and Airline Bonds

NON-AIRLINE SERVICES : Which include  

  • Outdoor catering like, corporate lunch
  • Institutional catering
  • Corporate Gifting like, Premium brand TAJ CHOCOLATES and CAKES
  • Coffee chain catering (Starbucks and Costa Coffee)

Talking about the Singapore headquartered company SATS, From airfreight, baggage, and ramp handling, passenger services, aviation security, cargo, warehousing, perishables handling to cruise handling and terminal management, it offers a full spectrum of customised gateway services to our clients. Besides being the leading ground handler and in-flight catering service provider at Changi International Airport, one of the best airports in the world, we now have ground handling and in-flight catering presence in more than 40 airports across Asia. We also operate Singapore’s cruise terminal Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, together with our partner Creuers del Port de Barcelona, the terminal operator of Europe’s leading cruise homeport.

siaThe history of SATS can be traced back to the very beginning of commercial aviation in Singapore.

Ground Handling Services came to form when a Malayan Airways Limited (MAL)’s Airspeed Consul took off from Singapore Kallang Airport, on the first of three scheduled flights a week to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang.

By 1955, Kallang Airport was handling 300,000 passengers annually. As demand for air travel spiked, Kallang Airport did not have sufficient capacity to support the growth. It was eventually shut down and the new Singapore International Airport was relocated to Paya Lebar. In 1972, Singapore Airlines (SIA) was formed and SATS was established as a separate, wholly-owned subsidiary of the airline. 

In 1981, SATS’ operation was relocated to Changi Airport along with the opening of the new airport. The team welcomed the airport’s first flight, SQ101, which landed on 1 July at 7.00am.

Since then, SATS has been a core pillar of support in the operations of Changi Airport, leading to the many successes that the Airport has achieved over the years.

By 1986, SATS was serving more than 10 million passengers a year.


Hospitality sector stocks : BULL for your portfolio !!!

By: Saheb Bagga

Witnessing continuous flow of money in stock market and millions of people trying there luck by investing in the public listed companies, Dalal street has an advise to offer. Keeping in mind the portfolio system it is very essential to add Hospitality shares in the kitty.

Before getting deep into the companies in the Indian market and benefits they have got to offer lets get an insight of the previous records of this luxury industry.

The hospitality sector contributes 7.5 % towards the GDP and is expected to grow upto 8-10 in the time span of two years.

The Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s) have been growing at a pace of 20-22 % every year.

It generates 10% of employment opportunities in the nation.

India ranks 3rd amongst 184 nations (in 2016), in terms of travel & tourism’s total contribution to GDP. Therefore, I don’t feel that long term investors should withdraw their share from the hospitality market.

The growth of Hospitality sector is linked to the growth of various other sectors like primary ( Producing raw materials), Secondary (Manufacturing) and tertiary (Providing sales and services).

Due to sudden fall in the Tourism, the hospitality companies witnessed a sudden fall between FY 5-7 and FY 9-14. Tough, their hustle does not end here. Recently they witnessed curbs on liquor sale and GST rollout. Whereas, the operators expect a growth in 2018. This sector is one of the most crucial net foreign exchange earners for India.

Thus, having shares of hospitality companies in your portfolio could prove to be highly profitable, given the bright prospects of the sector.

The Indian Hotels (part of Tata Group) running the Taj Group of Hotels, Palaces, Resorts and Safaries is one such stock that has witnessed strong movement over the past five years.
Indian Hotels ChartFollowed by the ITC ( Luxury and Welcome group),  EIH (Oberoi Hotel Group) and Lemon tree. 

Personally, I feel it is the IHCL and ITC that will make it to top as their parent companies (TATA & Indian Tobacco Company) are there for the backing when the bear hits the hospitality stocks. 

Considering the above points, it is entirely possible that investors holding shares of hospitality companies will be rewarded handsomely.

If you don’t wish to invest in single stocks; you may choose to invest in mutual funds, where there is a higher allocation of consumption related sectors, such as hospitality.


The Luxury Pineapple

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Taj is still in the game !!!

A great day for IHCL, where they continue to run capital’s iconic Taj Mahal Hotel or popularly known as The Taj Mansingh, in an auction conducted by New Delhi’s Municipal Council (NDMC). IHCL had its 33 year lease expired in 2011 and since then they have been running the property on small extensions. The bid was originally suppose to be conducted on January 30, but could no materialise due to stiff terms and conditions put up by the potential competitors. Later the date was announced for June 19, however only IHCL was the only company in the battle field. July 20 ITC emerged as a competitor and NDMC preferred to continue the bid with only two players.

“We are delighted that the iconic Taj Mahal, New Delhi, which has been an important part of the cultural and historic fabric of the national capital will continue to remain a part of the IHCL family,” said CEO Puneet Chatwal, who closely supervised the bidding process.

Taj Mansingh

Previously Taj paid Rs. 3.94 cr per month ( i.e 17.25 % of gross turnover) as the licence fee and ended the latest bid on Rs. 7.03 cr (i.e 32.50% gross turnover). Therefore, this implies a 78.4% jump in the licence fee.  NDMC officials said they will now expedite proceedings against CJ International, operator of the Le Meridien Hotel, and Bharat Hotels, which runs The Lalit, to pursue similar e-auctions for the hotel properties as it can realise a much higher market value for them.

Finally, in an effort to raise more revenue, NDMC decided to find a new operator through an auction, giving Indian Hotels the right to first refusal. This was challenged by Indian Hotels before the Delhi High Court and then in the Supreme Court. The apex court gave a go-ahead for the auction, turning down Indian Hotels’ plea to extend its lease term.



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Accor Hotels and Katara to make $1 bln investment in Africa !!!

imagesAccorHotels, Europe’s biggest hotels group, and Qatar firm Katara Hospitality announced plans to set up a $1 billion investment fund targeting the hotels and hospitality sectors in sub-Saharan African countries.

The fund will amount to up to $500 million in equity, of which Katara Hospitality and AccorHotels will contribute respectively up to $350 million and $150 million over the next 5-7 years, with additional financing capacity reached through leverage and co-investments.

AccorHotels and Katara Hospitality added that the fund would target greenfield projects, brownfield projects and conversions of existing hotels through acquisitions.

Having been present for over 40 years in Africa, we also know that there are increasing and sizeable needs for quality hospitality,” said AccorHotels chairman and chief executive Sebastien Bazin.

“Through this fund, we will match the expertise of Katara Hospitality together with AccorHotels’ world leading brand portfolio to accelerate our dynamic growth trajectory in the sub-Saharan region,” added Bazin.

AccorHotels has recently been on an acquisition spree, buying a 50 percent stake in U.S. hospitality mogul Sam Nazarian’s upmarket SBE Entertainment Group last month, and expressing an interest in buying a minority stake in Air France KLM.

Previous acquisitions under AccorHotels’ chief executive Bazin, who took over in 2013, include London’s Savoy Hotel, The Plaza in New York, the Raffles Hotel in Singapore and Australian hotel group Mantra.

Mercedes – Benz living @ Frasers !!!

Imagine yourself as the owner of a global hospitality empire with 148 properties in 49 capitals and financial hubs across Asia, Europe, UAE and Africa. But, what if I say that there is no full stop to your success and your company being such a big shot in the market and one of the companies not fearing Airbnb, is associated with the luxury automobile establishment Mercedes – Benz. This will be like a dream come true for most of you. Whereas, Choe Peng Sum is one man who believes, ‘ When a really big dream shows up, grab it.’ untitledAll this I asked you to dream about is his style of changing the face of the hospitality industry.  

Choe Ping Sum is the Founder & CEO of Frasers Hospitality. The company Is into luxury serviced apartments started in 1998 and has grown from 418 residences in Singapore to more than 23,400 keys worldwide with expected addition of 6,600 rooms by 2019. Coming on to the point when Frasers Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. witnessed a big financial boom when Mercedes – Benz shook hands and came into partnership, this time a bench mark was set. Two absolutely different industries came together and formed Mercedes – Benz Living @ Frasers. The room interiors are specifically designed to give Mercedes experience outside the car. Working in sync with Mercedes’s design team the shape, texture, colour and material of the car was interpreted into a room. From fabric of room’s curtains to Swarovski’s chandelier, every aspect is worked on by detailing to give the sense of high-tech comfort. The central element of the design is an undulating “Black Magic Wall,” an architectural feature as sleek and shiny as an S-Class sedan. That wall is reminiscent of MB’s recent foray into luxury aircraft interiors, though the longer-haul aspects of apartment living bring the design a little more down to earth.

 Lightning echo’s from the head lamps and coffee table seems to be moving at a faster speed. Just to make up to your perfect vacation with your loved one or to motivate you to win, when on a business tour. All you need is a big bundle of dollars in your bag to avail this. Looking into the market of apartment hotels, there is as such no tough competition to Mercedes Living @ Frasers. This collaboration did not only bring together two innovative multinational companies, but also united the two business natures and brand values around the customers.

Featuring defines unique living, dinning and bedroom area with private terrace to spend beautiful evenings. A key design element is the signature S-Class grey-silver leather. This is featured prominently in the elegant sofa in the living area, the headboard above the bed, the integrated bench as well as in the indulgent Shrimp-Chair. The lighting above the bed echoes the headlamps of signature Mercedes-Benz cars, with a custom-designed chandelier made of Swarovski crystals that are also found in the actual headlights of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe.

Anyone can be a winner, but important is to leave back your impression & that is what Mercedes – Benz living @ Frasers is up to. With One property in Singapore and other in London, Frasers Group is all set with the design to launch their third property in UAE. Mr Choe Peng Sum is all there changing the way we look at apartment hotels and getting his name in top 10 entrepreneurs of hospitality industry by Forbes and The Business Times.  

 Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser – Comand_Moment.jpg

The back reality !!!

Getting on board with your style, being welcomed with a glass of wine. Hoping above the rocky top, leaving behind the country pop. Captain commands to move it forward, the sailors lifting the anchor and slowly floating away from the port. Enjoying the zip- line and drinks in the bar. Moving smoothly on the mighty sea,  living the luxuries and being at ease.

This is what comes to our mind when we think of going on a cruise ship. If you have never been on a cruise, then at least you have an idea on how it is to be on one. Surrounded with luxuries all around, enjoying the perfect vacation. But, have you ever given a thought on how it is to work on board ? There are people who spend their weekends and festivals just to serve guests and maintain the luxury & standards.

In the hospitality industry ( & followed in most ) there are two different kind of departments running any organisation.  They are – 1) Operational & 2) Management.

Any big cursing company offers approximately 450 different jobs in total ( on board + Corporate offices). Talking of both, lets have an insight in to the worlds best cruising company, Royal Caribbean Cruising Limited’ ( RCCL). 


Due to a very very strong maritime history and smiling faces, Filipines are the most strong in number on board amongst the staff. They also have a deep knowledge and background of the maritime due to their history. Following them are Indonesians, Indians and Malaysians. This is because of the excellent reputation in the Tourism and Hospitality sector.


Before starting with the training, an individual is selected by a panel of experienced cruise men and officers. Either you get selected for the service staff or as cadet (officer).

Not much, just 13 weeks for the service staff to start with their on board duty immediately after the training is over. The staff member is suppose to sign a contract with the respective company to work for 8 months on the ship and then enjoy 2 months vacation back home. Afterwards, the person can renew the contract if they wish. Keeping in mind the most important and the most hated point. There are no leaves for a cruise worker other than 2 month vacation. This means, the staff works for 70 hours a week for about 8 months. You do go around the world,, but keep in mind that you are not on a vacation.


Cruise staff has a saying, ‘Every morning is a Monday morning and every night is a Friday night.’ Crew has their own bar where no guest is allowed to enter. There are parties every night. And the best part being, beer is just for $ 1.50 (₹ 99.35)

  •  SOLO CABIN :-  

    Solo Cabin of Celebrity Cruise !!!

Only a few have it, like officers. If you have a solo cabin, then girls (and guys) go crazy over you. Reason being- You can actually write a BLANK CHEQUE.  You are one of the highest paid staff member on board. Now, when I say ‘Solo cabin’, don’t mistake it to be a work space. It is not a work cubical for an officer. It is his/her private living space or a room. Big ships may offer cabins with a balcony and a proper captains suit.

  •  BENEFITS :-

Just one year (12 months) on board can take you to almost 15 different countries. You see the world for free, but definitely missing on the authenticity of the destination. Being on a cruise ship you can definitely earn good money. You earn less as compared to people on land, but there are no expenses. Whatever you earn goes in your pocket and savings. After reaching a good position in on board department, you get travel benefits for the family and discounts as well.

Talking of another face of the cruise companies, MANAGEMENT or CORPORATE OFFICES.  

They gain benefits, travel perks, Medical insurance and retirement program with every promotion. Top (and most) cruising companies are based in New Your, LA, Seattle and Florida. Although there are many scattered around in Europe, Dubai and Australia as well. Talking of certain departments found in any Cruising companies corporate office are :-


Deals in booking, cancelation, discounts and complicated schedules. They are also responsible to meet the ship port time in order to meet the flight time. As not every guest or traveller visits every destination. Whereas, there are emergencies as well sometimes. For eg- Medical condition.


They advertise cruise and ship services. This staff is also responsible to handle the public relations & Media relations. There are financial and asset analysts working in this department headed by the brand manager.


As the name suggests, the department is responsible for business finance. Like, Accounts payble, book keeping, auditing, operations analysts and business analysts for different ships and different departments of the respective ship.


This the most important department and responsible for the ships to float or sink, even more than the captain. Sales keep the cruise industry going. Reservation books and solidifies, whereas, sales up- sell and develop relations. They also work interdepartmental as well as with other companies in the market. Sales make sure to develop good relations with their brand partner as well.


This has the most general departments that are necessary for basic running of the organisation. Like, IT, Human Resources, Data entry and customer services.

                                                            ALL SET OFFICERS ?

                                                            AYE – AYE CAPTAIN… 

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images0V3125TOAmerican multinational, Marriott International with headquarters in Maryland was started by JW Marriott led by his son Bill Marriott as the Executive Chairman and Arne Sorenson as the President and CEO.

It has more than 6,500 properties with 1.2 million rooms in 127 countries followed by 195000 inventory in development pipeline.

Talking of another flagship brand in the hotel world, Starwood with headquarters in Stamford is now a subsidiary brand of Marriott. On November 16, 2015 the current parent company announced the purchase for $13.6 Billion. This deal was further finalised on September 23, 2016.

The challenges are increasing and technology is changing the way we live and travel. Times like these call for leadership and vision. This further led Marriott to be the LARGEST HOTEL COMPANY in the world of hotels.

We all witnessed this change, but very few took it as a management learning than just gong through the news. Entrepreneurs might find this interesting. There are 2 major take aways for these avant- grade :


After every merger, people in the market and near make their own assumptions and critical analysis. Just the way we participate in political discussions. But, despite of all the   announcements sounding like marketing spin, Marriott stood as the largest hotel company in the world and this news is accurate.


Companies always merge when they are serving the same product or service to different market in different sectors. And usually financially dominating company will always get the benefits and acquire the rest. Similar is the case study of Marriott and Starwood. After this merger Marriott being the player of the current hotel world has to play its game, which any company does upon getting the benefits. This also gave the benefit to outweigh working with a strong competitor and further use resources to expand.

Marriott and Starwood had also merged together their reward programs giving benefits to guests of combining both along with Ritz- Carlton. Both the companies now respecting each others culture is in a successful relation, not only making business to customer but business to individual services. They are the best and flag ship brands of the hotel industry leading to the merger of their best qualities and business management practices as well.


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        To the industry that never sleeps !!!





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